The Current
Alloy Surcharges.

An alloy surcharge is part of the sales price added onto the base price of stainless steel. It is determined each month and is valid for that entire month.

The alloy surcharge depends on the pricing trends on the LME of the alloy elements added into stainless steels, namely chromium, nickel, titanium, molybdenum and niobium. These raw materials are traded in US dollars, so the euro/dollar exchange rate also factors into the calculation. Because the alloy elements and quantities vary between different stainless steels, the alloy surcharge works out differently for each material (material numbers 1.4xxx).

Alloy Surcharge June 2024
Alloy Surcharge May 2024
Alloy Surcharge April 2024
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Alloy Surcharge February 2024
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